Saturday, 19 March 2011

Most recent photoshoot + new piercings + tats

Hip piercings and swastikas in my fetus demons <3

 Pic for Zubla:grimal

Wasteland shoot 
©Caroline huff  

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

how to loose weight without exercise

So in just a couple of months i've gone from 10 and  half stone to 8 exactly.
from size 14 to a size 8.

Want to know how i did it?
Self control and willpower!

I didn't do any amazing exercise, i didn't run a marathon or work out every 10 minutes nor did i do it dangerously on a crash diet x_x

So for starters, are you really committed to loosing weight?? do YOU want to loose those extra xmas pounds??
If you answered yes then read on =3
If no, then your not doing it for yourself and just be happy with you!

Plan your dinners, if you live at home back everyone aware how determined you are to loose this weight and that you want everyone to stick to your diet plan at meals.
If someone has a huge pizza for dinner, resist, have one slice if you must,  and a big healthy salad, lots of lettuce, tomato, beans, beetroot and spring onion =3 potato salad is good to.

Replace fattening meals with healthy options.
heres just to of my favorite healthy meals.

Garlic mushrooms with leaf salad.

  • All you need is mushrooms, some garlic ( puree or oil will suffice to ) and a salad of your choice.
  • heat the pan at medium heat and add a small amount of olive oil ( table spoon ), if your using garlic puree or oil, add this in to, its up to how strong you have it. if your using a garlic clove, crush it and leave it for about 5 minutes to flavor the oil.
  • Cut the mushrooms into 4 pieces. when the oil is hot add the mushrooms in and stir using a wooden spoon. add a tiny sprinkle of salt and pepper, or season to taste.
  • make sure all the mushrooms are covered, u can use a spray oil to keep them covered and stop them sticking.
  • Cook till the mushrooms are done,  light brown to brown in colour.
Add to your leafy salad, you can also add a light honey and mustard dressing.

Vegetable lasagna

  • You will need;
    -Pasta sheets ( fresh or dried )
    -cheese sauce ( homemade is the best  google for a quick recipe )
    -2 sliced tomatoes
    -spring greens or spinach
    - cayenne pepper
  • First boil your springs greens in a pan of water with a teaspoon of salt on a high heat, you can also steam them if you wish.
  • As your spring greens/ spinach is boiling, heat some water in a pan and cook your lasagna sheets, cooking instructions should be on the box / packet.
  • now to start on your cheese sauce if your doing a home made one! remember if u like it spicy add lots of cayenne pepper =D if not hold tight! 
  • you can start slicing your tomatoes
  • When everything is cooked and ready time to put it all together!start with one layer of pasta sheets, followed by a layer of spinach /spring greens and then sliced tomatoes.Add a layer of cheese sauce followed by another pasta sheet, spinach /spring greens tomatoes and pasta again. You should have a nice layer of cheese covering all pasta now, add some grated chedder or parmisan cheese to the top and put in the oven for 30 minutes on about 180 and WOLA.

    Feel free to add your own ingredients in as long as its healthy!

Replace chocolate breakfast cereals with fruit bars, banana or porridge.

Have a light lunch, a sandwich or a couple of pieces of fruit

Don't snack between meals unless you have to! and if u REALLY have to, ( this is where will power should stop you ) make sure its good for you!!

Remember also, exercise WILL get you healthy as well as help u loose weight. You should be doing at least 30 minutes a day of exercise.

Do have your 3 meals a day, don't binge, stay positive and happy and don't skip meals!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

TALKTALK questionaire on plungers.

Talktalk sent me a questionaire to my email , through sheer bordem i decided to fill it in.
One of the questions was what would i do to this toy elephant to make it more interested to kids... the next was more bizarre. How many different uses can i think of for a sink plunger and to be specific as possible.
I replied with the following.

1, simply a hat
2, stick it to your face
3, a weapon of mass suction
4, stick it to someone elses face
5, plunge someone
6, a good accessory to a bathroom themed party
7, put it at reception, give it a nametag saying Larry.
8, tell people its your new best friend
9, fix a toilet
10, fix someones elses toilet
11, put it away never to have any real use for it apart from plunging peoples faces.
12, chest compressions
13,butt plunger. ( it could work, not speaking from experiance. )
14, stick it to your tv
15, plunge your dogs face
16, plunge your spouses face
17, sleep with it
18, buy another one to keep it company under the sink
19, make a master peice
20, plunge your ears, remove excess wax.
21, Use it as a form of dicipline on the children
22, make it into a paintbrush/plunger
23, throw it at people

prolly coulda done better but alas D= what would of been your replies?

Saturday, 30 October 2010

just got me a ps3!

Xbox 360 = s1nf3ction

PS3 = s1nfection

I picked up my ps3 today! £40 , had a broken harddrive but friend fixed it and put a 80gb drive in. Nice.
2 controllers, hdmi cable, headset and 2 games o.o proper bargain!

No idea what games to get for it so suggestions hit me!