Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dodgy dvds and my grandad

Like all of us everyone wants to watch free movies and we've all seen the little chinky guy in mc donalds or betting office asking U WAN BUY DVD.

Most of us watch/download using our pc's and such but my grandad likes to invite them right to his nice big posh house o.o and buy from this dodgey looking geezer whos fly is always undone and never wears a belt, snot on his face and greasy unwashed hair always in the same clothes. brilliant!

But i must admit he doesn't sell any that are cam quality and if he does there GOOD cam quality.
Todays purchases inc

Harry brown
Robin hood
Jackie chan
Knight and day
Lebanon the soldiers journey
Dead man running ( loldannydyer )
Gran torino
The last seven < seems quite interesting but also loldannydyer

6 dvd's for £10 not bad i guess for an elusive fat skanky man eh o.o

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

R.I.P spikeal jackson ;-;

Today i went to visit my mom and found my cockatiel dead.
I cried.
I'd taught him to say U ALRIGHT?!  hello spike, pretty boi, to shout PEW PEW PEW

and now i will never hear him shout that again at me ;-; nor ever have his little feathers shoved in my face for a kiss and stroke..
R.I.P spike ;-; I'm sorry.

Koda & Skism

 Koda, Skism and gizmo taking a bath!
Gizmo and Koda noming food and cleaning 
koda, skism and gizmo playing with cardboard! oh the fun!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

he loved it that much he ate it upside down

Follow my we are dead promotions blog!!!

I've decided I'm going to get back into blogger full time and just clickty click on everyones blog that comes up in my updated box \o/ every hour or so

in return i only ask YOU follow my We are dead promotions blog, my online music promotions blog is now starting to roll and i already have 3 bands confirmed with another 3 interested ( not bad for something i started about 5 days ago)

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

video of lulz.

I recorded my neighbour listening into my conversation. THE PANIC!
was maybe 4 years ago?? maybe 5?

but i remember a fellow /b/rother saying how much it made him laugh and how he used to watch it.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

We are dead promotions!

Hello again ghouls and guys!

I've started my own music promotions page, would really appreciate it if you guys could follow my other blog to! ^^ should show up in my profile but if its not comment and let me know!

Only started it yesterday but keep checking back =3

We are dead promotions!

Also i just got borderlands! anyone for co op online?

as usual XBL tag, s1nf3ction


Friday, 24 September 2010

My appearance on BBC3's Snog Marry avoid..

Rant about food.

I've been contemplating turning vegetarian for a while now. Things that have mostly swayed my vote towards vegetarian food is just the lack of knowledge of what cattle and such are being fed. What just happened to feeding chicken normal chicken feed, and cows their normal diet, why do we NEED to fill these animals up with unnatural diet choices?
You may say it tells you on the label what the animal has been fed, but how do we know for sure the animal was really fed those things? If cloned meat can find itself in the market, then god knows what else is out there.
Fast food restaurants adverts...why does the meals and burgers on the advert look nothing like what u buy in store? a sloppy thrown together piece of who knows wtf it is with possible spit and everything else onit.
I feel more and more unsafe about what i'm eating, For all we know these chemicals they use could have anything in them, dumbing us down so we ourselves are turned into the cattle the government and those fat cats can control. This world is such a frustrating place...
I only wish i had a garden big enough to have my own chickens and my own fruit and veg because that way, at least i know what they have been fed and where my food has come from.
Organic and free range food, why is this more expensive then battery farmed produce? Is it REALLY free range and organic? or is it just another way of making us spend more money.


Monday, 20 September 2010

Having trouble with blogspot...

as the title suggests, i am indeed having problems wih blogspot, keep getting an error page come up when i hit submit comment, sooo i shall resume my activity when blogger stops being gay =D in the mean time have a terrible picture from my 21st party!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rhyme asylum

LOVE this album, specially Attitude problem and stark raving genius, If you don't listen to all the album, deffinetely check out Stark raving genius. (video below )

Rhyme Asylum - State of Lunacy (2008)


01. (00:01:00) Rhyme Asylum - Explorers Of The Minds (Intro)
02. (00:03:40) Rhyme Asylum - Ground Zero
03. (00:03:17) Rhyme Asylum - Straight Jacket Part I f/Reain
04. (00:01:01) Rhyme Asylum - The Awakening (Skit)
05. (00:05:07) Rhyme Asylum - Lost
06. (00:04:18) Rhyme Asylum - Multiplicity
07. (00:03:25) Rhyme Asylum - Smoke Screens and Pipe Dreams
08. (00:04:51) Rhyme Asylum - Unreasonable f/Diabolic
09. (00:03:24) Rhyme Asylum - Poison Penmanship
10. (00:04:02) Rhyme Asylum - Test Of Faith
11. (00:05:28) Rhyme Asylum - Stark Raving Genius
12. (00:04:19) Rhyme Asylum - Attitude Problem f/Copywrite
13. (00:03:05) Rhyme Asylum - Straight Jacket Part II f/Reain
14. (00:04:29) Rhyme Asylum - Holding On
15. (00:00:57) Rhyme Asylum - Shadow People (Skit)
16. (00:04:48) Rhyme Asylum - Iller Instinct
17. (00:03:54) Rhyme Asylum - Multiplicity (Remix)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The birthday massacre , Pins & needles album

Just got my copy of the new album pins and needles, i didnt get my hopes up of it being any good, seems the more famous the band gets the worse the music is, but i was pleasantly surprised when i listened to this!

They've kept their own sound about them, haven't sold out to much! ( tho i do think charging the fans £35 on top of the £22 ticket to meet and get something signed before a gig is taking the piss! )

its been an all round pleasant listening experience and i think i shall leave this on repeat abit longer!!

Antichrist the movie

I finally got round to watching this movie, and..all i can say is wow. I loved it,
it was dark, creepy, eerie, artistic and had some great torture scenes to.
Definitely one to check out!

Clip of my favourite

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Guy fawkes

Guy Fawkes
Misunderstood By:
Anarchists, 4Chan.
Despite anarchists' general failure to unite long enough to make any meaningful progress against their ideological enemies (democracy, capitalism, communism and Internet forum moderationism), they do have a few running themes and symbols in common. One of the most prominent symbols is the 17th century English revolutionary, Guy Fawkes, whose famed exploit was his attempt to blow up Parliament in order to destabilize the British government.
The comparison is probably most recognizable to popular culture as the basis of the graphic novel/box office catastrophe V For Vendetta, in which a dude dresses up like Fawkes and brings down an evil dystopian theocracy. In recent years, through some bizarre online game of Chinese whispers, Fawkes has also come to somehow represent Internet teenagers' struggle against Scientology.

Because hey, why not?
While anarchists may be right that Fawkes was the only person ever to enter Parliament with honest intentions, they've forgotten what those intentions were. Fawkes wasn't trying to destroy an evil theocracy, he was trying to install one.

Fawkes' face of freedom.
Fawkes was a fighter for Spain and the Catholic Church. His goal was to end the slightly more egalitarian Protestant revolution in England by restoring Catholic domination. If the Gunpowder Plot had actually succeeded, Britain would probably look less like an anarchist commune and more like the fascist police state Alan Moore warned us about

Read more:

Emetophobia What I suffer with.

I feel sick right now so I read up on my phobia to try and beat it but alas...


Because there have been a limited number of studies in regard to emetophobia, [2] no specific treatment can be explicitly called the cure to this fear. Therapies and treatments available for individuals with other phobias have been used in trying to treat people with emetophobia. [1]


Also noted in the emetophobia internet survey was information about medications. People were asked whether they would consider takinganxiety medication to potentially help their fear, and many in the study answered they wouldn’t for fear that the drugs would make them nauseous. [1] Others, however, stated that some psychotropic medications (such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants) did help with their phobia, and some said gastrointestinal medications were also beneficial. [1]

Exposure Treatments

Exposure methods, where patients are exposed to film of people vomiting, are also used in the psychological treatment. [7] They can have a positive effect on the phobia of the patient involved, and can often aid in helping them overcome the fear, [7] although people with emetophobia who were asked whether they would try an exposure treatment were reluctant and perhaps skeptical as to whether it would work. [1]

[edit]Effects on Life

Dr. Lipsitz et al.’s findings also showed that those afflicted with emetophobia often have difficulties comfortably leading a normal life. [1] Many find that they have problems being alone with young children, and they may also avoid social gatherings where alcohol is present. [1]Retaining an occupation becomes difficult for emetophobics. Professions and personal goals can be put on hold due to the high-anxiety associated with the phobia, [7] and travelling becomes almost impossible for some. [1]
In Lipsitz et al.’s survey, women afflicted with emetophobia said that they either delayed pregnancy or avoided pregnancy all together because of the morning sickness associated with the first trimester, [1] [8] and if they did become pregnant, it made pregnancy difficult. [1]
Other inhibitions on daily life can be seen in meal preparation. [1] Many emetophobic people also have specific “rituals” for the food they eat and how they prepare it. [1] They frequently check the freshness of the food along with washing it several times in order to prevent any potential sicknesses that they could contract from foods not handled properly. [1] Eating out is also avoided, if possible, and when asked Lipsitz et al.’s survey, many felt they were underweight because of the strict diets that they put upon themselves. [1]

Emetophobia and Anorexia

There are some cases where anorexia is the result of a fear of vomiting instead of the typical psychological problems that trigger it. [7] In Frank M. Datillio’s clinical case study, a situation where anorexia results from emetophobia is mentioned. Datillio says, “…in one particular case report, atypical anorexia in several adolescent females occurred as a result of a fear of vomiting that followed a viral illness as opposed to the specific desire to lose weight or because of an anxiety reaction.” [7]

Pretty much sums up my life!

Today i am 21!

at last! its here!
I'm 21!

and how am i going to spend my birthday morning you ask?!

ironing... =/

Monday, 13 September 2010

siafu ant

I would not like to be in the path of these little basterds.

 They are the only ants that are known that can kill and consume a human being.
 Each colony can contain over 20 million individuals. As with their New World counterparts, there is a soldier class among the workers, which is larger, with a very large head and pincer-likemandibles. They are capable of stinging, but very rarely do so, relying instead on their powerful shearing jaws.

Seasonally, when food supplies become short, they leave the hill and form marching columns of up to 50,000,000 ants which are considered a menace to people, though they can be easily avoided; a column can only travel about 20 meters in an hour. It is for those unable to move, or when the columns pass through homes, that there is the greatest risk. There have been reported cases of people—usually the young, infirm, or otherwise debilitated who could not escape—being killed and eventually consumed by them, often dying of asphyxiationTheir presence is, conversely, beneficial to certain human communities, such as the Maasai, as they perform a pest prevention service in farming communities, consuming the majority of other crop-pests, from insects to large rats.

One case of a couple out in the bush of Africa left their infant asleep in their tent. They then heard the shrieking of their child. When they rushed in, swarming ants covered the child. Luckily their child survived. They are capable of de-fleshing small animals like frogs within minutes. Even though they can be nasty if you’re stupid enough to get in their way, they do have their resources. They’re used as sutures to close wounds. Their heads are placed over the wound where their large pincers bite the flesh. The head is then decapitated from the abdomen, and the head will then remain for days acting as a suture for the wound.

brainwashed ants

The carpenter ant in the picture on the right (genus Campanotus), and the bullet ant in the first film clip below (Paraponera clavata), have fallen victim to parasitic fungi of the genus Cordyceps, which manipulate the behaviour of their host in order to increase their own chances of reproducing.fungus_campanotus.jpg
The spores of the fungus attach themselves to the external surface of the ant, where they germinate. They then enter the ant’s body through the tracheae (the tubes through which insects breathe), via holes in the exoskeleton called spiracles. Fine fungal filaments called mycelia then start to grow inside the ant’s body cavity, absorbing the host’s soft tissues but avoiding its vital organs.
When the fungus is ready to sporulate, the mycelia grow into the ant’s brain. The fungus then produces chemicals which act on the host’s brain and alter its perception of pheromones. This causes the ant to climb a plant and, upon reaching the top, to clamp its mandibles around a leaf or leaf stem, thus securing it firmly to what will be its final resting place.
The fungus then devours the ant’s brain, killing the host. The fruiting bodies of the fungus sprout from the ant’s head, through gaps in the joints of the exoskeleton. Once mature, the fruiting bodies burst, releasing clusters of capsules into the air. These in turn explode on their descent, spreading airborne spores over the surrounding area. These spores then infect other ants,completing the life cycle of the fungus. Depending on the type of fungus and the number of infecting spores, death of an infected insect takes between 4-10 days.
The carpenter ant in the photograph has been infected by Cordyceps unilateralis, which is but one of thousands of species of entomopathogenic fungi, more than 400 of which belong to the Cordyceps genus. Between them, these parasitic fungi infect at least nine different orders of arthropods, including the Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies), Blattaria (cockroaches), Hemiptera(aphids, cicadas and leafhoppers), Coleoptera (beetles), Phasmida (stick insects), Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps), and Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). The host range of an individual species is, however, restricted to one species or to a small number of closely related species.
Because they are considered as environmentally safe, natural mortality agents, entomopathogenic fungi are used as biological pesticides to control pest species. For example, Metarhizium anisopliae was first used over 100 years ago to try and control the wheat grain beetle Anisoplia austriaca. More recently, researchers have investigated the use of Metarhizium anisopliae, a species which infects the African mosquito Anopheles gambiae, to control the spread of malaria.
Entomopathogenic fungi are not the only parasites that can modify the behaviour of their hosts. Equally remarkable is the nematomorph hairwormSpinochordodes tellinii, which is also known as the horsehair worm or the gordian worm, because of its resemblance to the knot created by the Phrygian king Gorius. (According to myth, Gordius used his knot to tie a chariot to a pole, and declared that whoever could untie it would rule all of Asia.)
The juvenile gordian worm parasitizes land-living arthropods such as grasshopers, locusts and beetles, but the adult is a free-living aquatic species which can only reproduce in water. Inside the host, the microscopic larvae feed on surrounding tissue, and develop into long worms which can reach up to 4 times the length of the host, and which remain within the body cavity of the host as a long, coiled mass. After metamorphosing, the adult worm induces its host to leave its terrestrial habitat, and to commit suicide by jumping into water and drowning itself, so that the worm can emerge:
David Biron and his colleagues have used proteomics to characterise the proteins synthesized by the gordian worm in order to determine how it manipulates its host’s behaviour. They have established that the worm synthesizes proteins which mimic those produced by the insect. These include proteins of the Wnt family, which are involved in the development of the nervous system, as well as others which interfere with the neurotransmitter systems involved in the host’s geotactic behaviour (its oriented movements in relation to the Earth’s magnetic field).
Because the genes encoding these proteins are contained in the worm’s genome, but have a direct effect on the insect’s central nervous system when they are expressed, the relationship between the gordian worm and its host is an example of what Richard Dawkins called the extended phenotype, whereby genes expressed by one organism have an effect on the appearance or behaviour of another. (Entomopathogenic fungi and their hosts are also an example of an extended phenotype.)
Incredibly, the gordian worm can survive predation on its host. Parasites use various strategies to survive host predation. For example, some develop quickly, in order to emerge from the host before it is preyed upon. Grasshoppers and crickets are preyed upon by fish and frogs; the gordian worm can escape this predation by wriggling out of the mouth, nose or gills of the predator once it has emerged from a host that has been eaten: