Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Emetophobia What I suffer with.

I feel sick right now so I read up on my phobia to try and beat it but alas...


Because there have been a limited number of studies in regard to emetophobia, [2] no specific treatment can be explicitly called the cure to this fear. Therapies and treatments available for individuals with other phobias have been used in trying to treat people with emetophobia. [1]


Also noted in the emetophobia internet survey was information about medications. People were asked whether they would consider takinganxiety medication to potentially help their fear, and many in the study answered they wouldn’t for fear that the drugs would make them nauseous. [1] Others, however, stated that some psychotropic medications (such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants) did help with their phobia, and some said gastrointestinal medications were also beneficial. [1]

Exposure Treatments

Exposure methods, where patients are exposed to film of people vomiting, are also used in the psychological treatment. [7] They can have a positive effect on the phobia of the patient involved, and can often aid in helping them overcome the fear, [7] although people with emetophobia who were asked whether they would try an exposure treatment were reluctant and perhaps skeptical as to whether it would work. [1]

[edit]Effects on Life

Dr. Lipsitz et al.’s findings also showed that those afflicted with emetophobia often have difficulties comfortably leading a normal life. [1] Many find that they have problems being alone with young children, and they may also avoid social gatherings where alcohol is present. [1]Retaining an occupation becomes difficult for emetophobics. Professions and personal goals can be put on hold due to the high-anxiety associated with the phobia, [7] and travelling becomes almost impossible for some. [1]
In Lipsitz et al.’s survey, women afflicted with emetophobia said that they either delayed pregnancy or avoided pregnancy all together because of the morning sickness associated with the first trimester, [1] [8] and if they did become pregnant, it made pregnancy difficult. [1]
Other inhibitions on daily life can be seen in meal preparation. [1] Many emetophobic people also have specific “rituals” for the food they eat and how they prepare it. [1] They frequently check the freshness of the food along with washing it several times in order to prevent any potential sicknesses that they could contract from foods not handled properly. [1] Eating out is also avoided, if possible, and when asked Lipsitz et al.’s survey, many felt they were underweight because of the strict diets that they put upon themselves. [1]

Emetophobia and Anorexia

There are some cases where anorexia is the result of a fear of vomiting instead of the typical psychological problems that trigger it. [7] In Frank M. Datillio’s clinical case study, a situation where anorexia results from emetophobia is mentioned. Datillio says, “…in one particular case report, atypical anorexia in several adolescent females occurred as a result of a fear of vomiting that followed a viral illness as opposed to the specific desire to lose weight or because of an anxiety reaction.” [7]

Pretty much sums up my life!


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