Saturday, 30 October 2010

just got me a ps3!

Xbox 360 = s1nf3ction

PS3 = s1nfection

I picked up my ps3 today! £40 , had a broken harddrive but friend fixed it and put a 80gb drive in. Nice.
2 controllers, hdmi cable, headset and 2 games o.o proper bargain!

No idea what games to get for it so suggestions hit me!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

DIY lamp

I had this crazy awesome idea in my head to make a really soft lighting lamp out coloured tissue and such.

in reality looks nothing like i wanted it to but here it is =D

I made it outa garden canes and cardboard o.o also a chocolate sweets tin >.> light is just an old desk lamp

This finished product, sorry pics are on the side but i cba to turn them =D the light doesn't show through the blue very well but meh i can fix that another time \o/

Saturday, 16 October 2010

despicable me

I saw it today at the cinema, was most amusing, kinda sad to....
meh. haven't posted for a while,trying to comment when i can, but i have no idea who's blogs are active anymore D=

how is everyone?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Today at the beach! and fun pics i found on my mobleeey

Today was a beautiful warm day, and living opposite the beach i seized the opportunity to go. Waves were crashing over the prom so we took pics \o/ and i failed to move quick enough and got soaked ^^

Storm <3

Jacen Burrows, signing my copies of Crossed <3

Pedobear and Nana

Erk from Rabia Sorda and Hocico <33!! I even got a /b/rofist!

Spiders huge o.o

Erk <3

Combichrist wooo <3

Friday, 8 October 2010


Psp Phat
got someone to hack it for me as i lacked the resources,

installed psx emu
downloaded played iso games for psp

Then decided that still wasn't enough and that i wanted to play pokemon games on psp

installed visualboy advance emu

Then decided i wanted to play psp games and ps1 games again
can't do it.
My menus are going painfully slow, to the point of freezing when i hit X
it takes fucking ages to recognize i've plugged into usb.
none of the games play or load, it auto crashes after start up noise.

I've deleted all the files to do with the emu on my psp folders via laptop also deleted all the pokemon games and infact all the games off it.
Currently running CFW 5.00M33-4
I know i had to change something in the system options on psp but i can't rememeber what.


Anyone help me either fix not working psp or guide me through re-installing  5.00M33-4


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

jehovah witness at my door

Walking to my front door today two women, about 40's were at the front door attempting to ring the doorbells. The doorbells haven't been working for nearly as year now. Piss take much?
anyway, am like ooh sorry those don't work who do you want to see? I had to. I had to make conversation with them.

an hour i was at the door debating with these two women. Turns out they are also creationists to (???)
and did you know according to "scientific proof" we all came from Adam and Eve, selective breeding, and did u also know, that Adam and Eve have every type of gene pool in them, so in short,Adam and Eve made black people, white people, yellow people and red! not to mention all the other breeds of people. HOW AWESOME right o.o

Did u also know that Noah DIDN'T take 2 of every animal on the ark, nope. Some he took SEVEN! cool story so far right
They don't believe in Atlantis... but shit gets MORE crazy apparently unicorns, leprechauns and elfs all come from the bible to o.o...

Their belief is everybody who's good, as a reward can then come back to life, reincarnated at another point in time in the FUTURE!
And the bad bad bad people there punishment is they just DIE, and thats it for them.

The older of the two ladies also tried to convince me you can create a pug, from an Alsatian and husky o.o and u can get a shetland pony from a shire horse...

We didn't just happen by chance one day, or evolve over 100000000's of years. nope, because that would be silly right.....

ugh religion, when will it end?!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


YAY i hit 150!!!!!

Thank you all! \o/ for reading my shitty rants and pointless posts w00t!
I did promise a video when i reached 150 so i shall post that soon as, I'm currently just sitting in my pants listening to music \o/

Any ideas what i should do in said video?
keep it clean guys no tits or gtfo ;o

Sunday, 3 October 2010

robin hood 2010



XBL, flu, general update and bollox

Blurgh I think I'm coming down with the flu, which is major crap T_T

So for the rest of today/tonight I intend to stay in bed, blog and play xbox!
if anyone would like to join me and cheer my bed ridden self up I would appreciate it!

Games i have for online play

Gears of war 2
Dark sector if its still going
The darkness though i don't even think theres any servers for that
Kane and lynch 2

XBL gt as always is ; s1nf3ction

be online in probably an hour or 2 =3

In other news, We are dead promotions seems to be going quite well, got 5 bands signed up to me, with interest from 3 others. 3 dread orders to keep me busy and my 3 rats to keep me company.
If only i could get the motivation to finish things, bluurghh.

But i have 3 free tickets this week to go watch the auditions of Got to dance for sky1,  I did apply for never mind the buzzcocks audience tickers tho*sigh* i spose i can sit there for a couple of hours and watch people trying to dance, if not i'll take a book or my netbook and just pray they have a wireless connection somewhere!

Snake is going to shed again soon, this will be 5th time this year, shes close to being 6ft \o/ Snake named after Snake from MGS ofc ;o not because I'm retarded. Shes a corn snake, no idea on the age, was an unwanted pet and being a sucker for animals i took her in about 4 years ago. She has awoken me a couple of times by escaping and sleeping under my pillow in the dead of night. JOY. I'm glad i don't scream/scare easy o.o.