Sunday, 10 October 2010

Today at the beach! and fun pics i found on my mobleeey

Today was a beautiful warm day, and living opposite the beach i seized the opportunity to go. Waves were crashing over the prom so we took pics \o/ and i failed to move quick enough and got soaked ^^

Storm <3

Jacen Burrows, signing my copies of Crossed <3

Pedobear and Nana

Erk from Rabia Sorda and Hocico <33!! I even got a /b/rofist!

Spiders huge o.o

Erk <3

Combichrist wooo <3


  1. cool post bro!!:)
    Welcome to Italy!

  2. cool picture. did you actually take those of combichrist?

  3. I did take the pic of Combichrist, was using my phone though so pic wasn't the best =/ i was so close! i touched his foot =D

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  5. YOU BE TROLLIN please follow, comment, and click!