Sunday, 3 October 2010

XBL, flu, general update and bollox

Blurgh I think I'm coming down with the flu, which is major crap T_T

So for the rest of today/tonight I intend to stay in bed, blog and play xbox!
if anyone would like to join me and cheer my bed ridden self up I would appreciate it!

Games i have for online play

Gears of war 2
Dark sector if its still going
The darkness though i don't even think theres any servers for that
Kane and lynch 2

XBL gt as always is ; s1nf3ction

be online in probably an hour or 2 =3

In other news, We are dead promotions seems to be going quite well, got 5 bands signed up to me, with interest from 3 others. 3 dread orders to keep me busy and my 3 rats to keep me company.
If only i could get the motivation to finish things, bluurghh.

But i have 3 free tickets this week to go watch the auditions of Got to dance for sky1,  I did apply for never mind the buzzcocks audience tickers tho*sigh* i spose i can sit there for a couple of hours and watch people trying to dance, if not i'll take a book or my netbook and just pray they have a wireless connection somewhere!

Snake is going to shed again soon, this will be 5th time this year, shes close to being 6ft \o/ Snake named after Snake from MGS ofc ;o not because I'm retarded. Shes a corn snake, no idea on the age, was an unwanted pet and being a sucker for animals i took her in about 4 years ago. She has awoken me a couple of times by escaping and sleeping under my pillow in the dead of night. JOY. I'm glad i don't scream/scare easy o.o.


  1. too bad I don't have an XBOX
    would love to play some MW2 with you ;)

  2. Those are some good FPSs for XBL :D

  3. Your snake sounds like a bad-ass sneaking out of its cage like that :P

  4. I'm just glad she didn't try and strangle me u_u;

  5. I used to have a pet mouse that did that whole escape to sleep on the pillow thing...

  6. I love snakes! My boyfriend has three, and I got to help when one of them had babies. It was the coolest, cutest thing ever. One baby escaped and we found him sleeping in a hat I'd knit. Soooo cute.

  7. great post!

    supporting & following you
    take care.

  8. i don't really like snakes. they creep me out.

    anyway, hope you get well soon.