Wednesday, 6 October 2010

jehovah witness at my door

Walking to my front door today two women, about 40's were at the front door attempting to ring the doorbells. The doorbells haven't been working for nearly as year now. Piss take much?
anyway, am like ooh sorry those don't work who do you want to see? I had to. I had to make conversation with them.

an hour i was at the door debating with these two women. Turns out they are also creationists to (???)
and did you know according to "scientific proof" we all came from Adam and Eve, selective breeding, and did u also know, that Adam and Eve have every type of gene pool in them, so in short,Adam and Eve made black people, white people, yellow people and red! not to mention all the other breeds of people. HOW AWESOME right o.o

Did u also know that Noah DIDN'T take 2 of every animal on the ark, nope. Some he took SEVEN! cool story so far right
They don't believe in Atlantis... but shit gets MORE crazy apparently unicorns, leprechauns and elfs all come from the bible to o.o...

Their belief is everybody who's good, as a reward can then come back to life, reincarnated at another point in time in the FUTURE!
And the bad bad bad people there punishment is they just DIE, and thats it for them.

The older of the two ladies also tried to convince me you can create a pug, from an Alsatian and husky o.o and u can get a shetland pony from a shire horse...

We didn't just happen by chance one day, or evolve over 100000000's of years. nope, because that would be silly right.....

ugh religion, when will it end?!


  1. Supp Bro
    the fuckin list has been deleted but a new powerful project is coming!

  2. O lawd they be all up in yo face.

  3. Guh. JW's. We had a few of those a while back. The woman who owns the house won't let me run them off at gunpoint. I have to do it politely.

  4. Wow. Those sound like the most interesting ladies. EVER.
    If that was me, I wouldn't want them to leave. I'd wish to hear all their interesting thoughts. :D

  5. ugh... jehovah witness can be classified as one of the craziest religion, ever.

  6. There is a major Jehovah hall near my house and I get them in the area all the time. At least other religions don't actualy come right to my house to annoy me.

  7. lolz@Awaken i did ask them if they wanted to come into my flat have a cuppa and debate more. short angry one took that as a direct threat by the look on her face.

  8. A wise man once said:

    If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.