Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Birthday massacre

This is by far one of my favourite bands, amazing live, interaction with the crowd and just a real good energy when up on stage. Every time i've been to see these guys i've been up front and managed to grab Chibi's hand or come away with something from the band. looking forward to the new album release on my 21st birthday!!

Alien vampires live at eletrowerkz London 2008

To some it up, it was a brilliant gig. wasn't as many people as I had expected to be there but the band did a great performance. Interacting with the crowd and even drinking with people at the bar they are definitely not afraid to party with the fans. if you get a chance to see these live you will not be dissapointed!

MCM expo 2009 October

Jacen Burrows, artist for crossed
Alien suit!


My list so far
why not recommend me sonme!!


Elfen lied
Wolfs rain
Love hina
Ginga nagarboshi Gin
Vampire hunter D
Vampire hunter D bloodlust
Spirited away
Tales of earthsea
My neighbour totoro
Pom poko
The cat returns
Nausicaa valley of the wind
Princess monoke
Higurashi No Naku Ni
Higurashi no naku koro ni kai
Karas 1
Karas 2
Black blood brothers
Blood, the last vampire
Spice and wolf
Twilight master of the darkness
X the movie
Ninja scroll
Sky blue
Apple seed ex machina

Not completed

Omamori Himari - ep 2

kurokami - ep 3

Vampire princess miyu - ep 18

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase -ep 3

basilisk- ep 2

Ergo proxy - ep 1

Hell Girl - half way thru ep 1

Trinity blood- ep 3

Angels sanctuary - part 2

Ginga denseksu Weed - ep 14

Vampire knight - ep 1

Zombie loan - ep 1

XXXholickei - ep 1

Hellsing - ep4

Peace maker -ep1

ghost hound -ep 1

Ones i want to watch
Rosario + Vampire

Blood hound
Hellsing ultimate
Ghost hound
Nightwalker: Midnight Detective
She ultimate weapon

Monday, 30 August 2010

Best video in the world

Changing from Laptop to netbook!

Well this week i shall be swapping my laptop in for a netbook/notebook but i have no idea what the difference is o.o

i shall report the changes and how i cope;o

Saturday, 28 August 2010


My bestest friend

Storm my dog.

My Model Mayhem account

Yes i have a MM account to!

If your registered on there add me!!

Opens in a new window My Model Mayhem link

Turning 21

So on the 14th of September i will be turning 21.

yay for cake.

Kane & Lynch dog days

Brilliant game, fairly hard definitely worth the money

Game play is awesome, the graphics are great and just overall fun game to play.
Co op is a great bonus to, seems theirs less and less 2 player games that aren't driving or war so in short this game gets both thumbs up!

For my next adventure! naughty bear ;o

metro 2033

Bought this game because it looked just as good as deadspace was.
Always up for some mutant alien killing!

When your playing feels like your back in fallout3 o.o, which i personally can't stand because it bores the shit out of me. i like that its all after some terrible disaster and that humans are fighting for survival against mutants and such but it needs more action D= it feels like i've killed more gaurds then monsters >.<

The graphics are pretty decent, but for some reason when a character is talking, other voices start up and u can't hear what the person you need to hear is saying and your brain is just filled with confusion over wtf to do next.

i don't know if i'll bother to complete this game tbh o.o

Nier for 360

So i bought this game in hopes it would be as somewhat awesome as bayonetta.
Which may i add was an epic game on stupidly hard proportions, just glad you never got a game over D=
From square enix i was expecting something amazing, especially with the cut scenes, but i found my self disappointed and staring at something that looked like it should be on the ps2.
Quite a fair amount of dialogue to which just gets boring and annoying.
When the game starts your in some stock room in the freezing cold which somehow has nothing to do with the actual game itself, so u level up to 30 or so and then you start from scratch on some map running around on countless missions because all the other villagers can't seem to do anything for them selves o.o
didn't really get much choice of weapons, or the game play time to level them up, without all the side missions the game itself is pretty short and not really worth paying top price for it, might as well just wait till it hits the bargain bin =/

The shades remind me of kingdom of hearts monsters, but as the game progresses so does the defense and attack of the shades and they then become a slightly more worthy waste of time.

In short, wait for this game to hit bargain bin (Y)

Day in the life of Biohazard_bitch

Panic attacks and anxiety is what fills most of my day.
I'm finding it ever harder to be able to do the things i enjoy without being held
back by panic and anxiety, even just playing the xbox sometimes feels to much.
I've read numerous things about panic attacks and such but still nothing seems
to be able to help me keep them in control and get over them.
But its not all doom and gloom!
some days i spend my time playing pokemon on my psp or painting and drawing, or lurking in the deepest depths of the interwebz, others I'm on some adventure exploring places i've never been before. or sat in front of my tv watching Jeremy Kyle ;o
Rest of the time I'm making dreads and things for my s1nfectionloX site. link can be found in older posts or just google it!

Gothic spirits EBM edition!

ZYX music used my pic for their EBM album, feels good man!

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Few examples of dreads i have made =3

Custom dread orders

If you would like to order some custom dreads please reply to the following!

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solids, transitionals, candycanes, blended;
quantity of dreads;
pair, single, kit ;
Other info;

Any other information you think is relevant please add this in the "other info" when replying.


Hello everyone!

Most of you will recognize me from the internet and if your from the UK
Snog marry avoid too.

I have various profiles on various sites, inc, vampirefreaks, facebook, myspace and bebo. if you come across anyone using my pictures please let me know!
I have my own synthetic dreads company called s1nfectionloX be sure to search and check out whats for sale, inc custom orders and premades.

be sure to keep checking back for new stuff.