Saturday, 28 August 2010

Nier for 360

So i bought this game in hopes it would be as somewhat awesome as bayonetta.
Which may i add was an epic game on stupidly hard proportions, just glad you never got a game over D=
From square enix i was expecting something amazing, especially with the cut scenes, but i found my self disappointed and staring at something that looked like it should be on the ps2.
Quite a fair amount of dialogue to which just gets boring and annoying.
When the game starts your in some stock room in the freezing cold which somehow has nothing to do with the actual game itself, so u level up to 30 or so and then you start from scratch on some map running around on countless missions because all the other villagers can't seem to do anything for them selves o.o
didn't really get much choice of weapons, or the game play time to level them up, without all the side missions the game itself is pretty short and not really worth paying top price for it, might as well just wait till it hits the bargain bin =/

The shades remind me of kingdom of hearts monsters, but as the game progresses so does the defense and attack of the shades and they then become a slightly more worthy waste of time.

In short, wait for this game to hit bargain bin (Y)

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