Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day in the life of Biohazard_bitch

Panic attacks and anxiety is what fills most of my day.
I'm finding it ever harder to be able to do the things i enjoy without being held
back by panic and anxiety, even just playing the xbox sometimes feels to much.
I've read numerous things about panic attacks and such but still nothing seems
to be able to help me keep them in control and get over them.
But its not all doom and gloom!
some days i spend my time playing pokemon on my psp or painting and drawing, or lurking in the deepest depths of the interwebz, others I'm on some adventure exploring places i've never been before. or sat in front of my tv watching Jeremy Kyle ;o
Rest of the time I'm making dreads and things for my s1nfectionloX site. link can be found in older posts or just google it!

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