Friday, 24 September 2010

Rant about food.

I've been contemplating turning vegetarian for a while now. Things that have mostly swayed my vote towards vegetarian food is just the lack of knowledge of what cattle and such are being fed. What just happened to feeding chicken normal chicken feed, and cows their normal diet, why do we NEED to fill these animals up with unnatural diet choices?
You may say it tells you on the label what the animal has been fed, but how do we know for sure the animal was really fed those things? If cloned meat can find itself in the market, then god knows what else is out there.
Fast food restaurants adverts...why does the meals and burgers on the advert look nothing like what u buy in store? a sloppy thrown together piece of who knows wtf it is with possible spit and everything else onit.
I feel more and more unsafe about what i'm eating, For all we know these chemicals they use could have anything in them, dumbing us down so we ourselves are turned into the cattle the government and those fat cats can control. This world is such a frustrating place...
I only wish i had a garden big enough to have my own chickens and my own fruit and veg because that way, at least i know what they have been fed and where my food has come from.
Organic and free range food, why is this more expensive then battery farmed produce? Is it REALLY free range and organic? or is it just another way of making us spend more money.



  1. cool post bro!
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)
    suppin can u rtrn pls?

  2. come over man, they are partying like hell already!! >=(
    we also have food, dont worry. ;)

  3. What about the sugar man ? :D

  4. The burgers they use in ads are usually not even burgers at all, but plastic bullshit.
    I don't think I'd ever go vegetarian though, I love meat too much.

  5. hmmm.... i guess living in in undeveloped country has it's benefits.

  6. For me I just got grossed out by veins and red/blue spots on meat that made me not eat meat. Not really vegetarian but meat is kinda gross xD

  7. Just go to an organic grocery store if you really care about your meat that much imo.

  8. but organic grocerys are super expensive, and when you can't find employment its tough =/

  9. I hate how they charge so much for organic, because most of us aren't rich enough to buy it out of principle.