Wednesday, 1 September 2010

stephen hawking's cakse

This was my attempt ( due to lack of money and resources its poor ) at making a cake in the shape of stephen hawking o.o i looked all over google for a cake similar style to go from but alas! google failed me.

This is meant to be him on his wheelchair, how ever after setting in the fridge it then just looked like a pervy old lady on a recliner with her legs spread o.o woe is me ;-;


  1. Wow! Keep on trying, though ;)

    Was it a tasty cake? And why would you want to make a Stephen Hawking cake? :P

  2. it was for my bf's best friend, but the icing was nom ;o
    i did it for the lulz =D

  3. Well, ur skull case looks a lot better ^_^

  4. dosent look good but like alwasy i bet it tastes good.

  5. Not sure if this is disturbing or impressive lol.