Friday, 10 September 2010

Cats and gay men

So I'm flat sitting for my dad in London right now, and his gay. My dad and his partner have to cats, Fraggle and Bagpuss, and they both fucking hate me o.o

Being probably one of the only females they have ever met i assume this is the reason why they wont go anywhere near me.

Bagpuss constantly looks at me in disgust and hides and runs from me every time he see's me. Its quite amusing, and his already slashed up my finger pretty good when i went to pet him. The only time they even stand remotely near me is when I'm feeding them.

But srsly,
i thought cats weren't the sexist type u_u


  1. aww cats are like that they only like their owners like my bros cat hate the whole family but him

  2. Gay men and the crazy cat ladies, too! I love me itty bitty babies!