Saturday, 6 November 2010

TALKTALK questionaire on plungers.

Talktalk sent me a questionaire to my email , through sheer bordem i decided to fill it in.
One of the questions was what would i do to this toy elephant to make it more interested to kids... the next was more bizarre. How many different uses can i think of for a sink plunger and to be specific as possible.
I replied with the following.

1, simply a hat
2, stick it to your face
3, a weapon of mass suction
4, stick it to someone elses face
5, plunge someone
6, a good accessory to a bathroom themed party
7, put it at reception, give it a nametag saying Larry.
8, tell people its your new best friend
9, fix a toilet
10, fix someones elses toilet
11, put it away never to have any real use for it apart from plunging peoples faces.
12, chest compressions
13,butt plunger. ( it could work, not speaking from experiance. )
14, stick it to your tv
15, plunge your dogs face
16, plunge your spouses face
17, sleep with it
18, buy another one to keep it company under the sink
19, make a master peice
20, plunge your ears, remove excess wax.
21, Use it as a form of dicipline on the children
22, make it into a paintbrush/plunger
23, throw it at people

prolly coulda done better but alas D= what would of been your replies?